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Bayern Munich post record financial results

German champions Bayern Munich posted their financial results for 2014/15 at the club's Annual General Meeting on Friday. The club's overall has more than doubled over the past decade.

Bayern Munich has posted the best financial results in the club's history, breaking 100 million euro in operating profits for the first time in 115 years. The club's overall operating company confirmed turnover at 523.7 million euro, down on the previous year as a result of no Super Cup or Intercontinental Cup matches

But the impressive numbers were in Bayern's pre-tax operating figures, which amounted to 111.3 million euro and record profits of 23.8 million for the last year. The club is spending 227.3 million euro on player salaries and shelled out over 60 million on transfers this season.

"Today, Bayern stands as both athletically and economically outstanding," said financial director Jan-Christian Dreesen. "Increasing our financial strength was our primary objective, regularly making the necessary investments in the professional squad to continue to make the steps to compete at the top level of European football.

"Maximum sports success with economic stability - that is our maxim."

Meanwhile, the club association confirmed shareholder equity has risen to 81 million euro with some of the 11 million profit invested into the new youth academy in the north of Munich which will be the home of the U9 to U19 teams. "The new sports facility with youth academy is another milestone in our club's history," said president Karl Hopfner.

The Bavarian giants confirmed their membership numbers have increased to 270,239, an increase of more than 19,000 over the past year. "My thanks for this go to my colleagues on the Board, all our employees, the training staff and the team, as our partners and all those who contributed to these record results," Dreesen added.

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