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Wave of anti-corruption protests in Bulgaria

For more than a month, people have gathered outside a government building in Sofia to protest against the administration. Demonstrators are making their voice heard about corruption in the country.

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Protesters have been filling the streets of downtown Sofia on a regular basis, intent on voicing their indignation about the problem of corruption.

Regular chants of "Resignation" and "Mafia" can be heard from protesters, who have said they intend to stage a round-the-clock blockade of parliament.

The government only came into power on May 12, after the resignation of the previous cabinet forced early elections. The latest protests, which started on June 14, were sparked by the appointment of 32-year-old media mogul Delyan Peevski as the chief of the country’s national security agency.

While the government reversed that appointment, it opened the floodgates for popular protests calling for greater emphasis on the rule of law and an end to perceived excessive influence on the government by the wealthy.

rc/hc (AP, AFP)