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Vietnam: The digital archives of VOV - a long-term project

In 2003, DW Akademie began advising the Vietnamese broadcaster Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) on the digitalization of its audio archives.

A woman in an archive

The VOV archives contained a total of some 30,000 audio tapes - including some valuable historic recordings. Because of their age and the local climate, some of the audio tapes were damaged and urgently needed to be restored and protected. Heidrun Speckmann undertook the task of project manager on behalf of DW Akademie.

A participant in front of a console

During the five year project, the Vietnamese workers were taught to use archiving technology currently in standard use in Europe. Under the guidance of Deutsche Welle experts, a digital audio archive was set up in Hanoi. The project is scheduled for completion in 2008.

In 2007, in honor of her years of commitment, project manager Heidrun Speckmann was presented with the "Radio Broadcasting Award" by Vu Van Hien, director-general of Radio the Voice of Vietnam.