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Quadriga - After Istanbul - Are IS Attacks in Germany Inevitable?

After Istanbul - Are IS Attacks in Germany Inevitable?

Watch video 26:03

At least ten German tourists have been killed in a suicide attack in the heart of Istanbul. Ahead of the bombing, Turkish intelligence had warned Germany of impending IS attacks on foreign tourists. Germany is part of the international coalition against IS: was this bombing an act of revenge?

As Turkey warns of more attacks, possibly in Germany, it is clear that terrorism is no longer a distant threat.

Our guests:

Alan Posener - is an Anglo-German author and regular commentator for the Berlin based newspaper “Die Welt”. He says: "There's no way to protect against terror. But we need more police and more surveillance."

Değer Akal - is a Berlin-based freelance journalist who has worked in the Turkish capital Ankara as a correspondent for various newspapers and TV channels. She is currently an editor at DW's Turkish desk. She says: “Despite differences, Turkey and Germany need each other, more than ever.”

Seyran Ateş - is a German lawyer and author from a Turkish-Kurdish background who writes about integration, Islam and women's rights. She says: "Terrorist organizations are now so large that we have to fight them with military might.”