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Putting the Pedal to the Metal in Germany

German car maker Audi announced record sales on Monday, joining upbeat forecasts BMW made last week. The two car companies and Mercedes are pumping up production of higher-end models.


Rolling off the line

The auto industry is in a worldwide slump.

American auto makers plan to lay off workers, and close plants in order to weather the storm which is only expected to ease later this year.

But someone forgot to tell the Germans.

On Monday, Audi announced record sales and increasing demand for their cars abroad, joining upbeat forecasts their colleagues at Bavaria's BMW made last week.

Both companies and Mercedes Benz plan to increase productivity in the next month in order to keep up with raging demand for their cars, mostly luxury-end models.

The amount of buyers clamoring for Audi climbed more than 11 percent in the past year, according to the Ingolstadt-based car maker. Sales were up from 20 billion euro last year to 22 billion euro.

Audi did especially well in the United States and China. Sales in both markets increased as did Audi's share of the German market to 7.5 percent.

Working overtime

The figures came a week after Audi said they would join in BMW in planning extra shifts for their employees in order to meet demands.

Audi is asking its builders to work two Saturdays in February so that they can meet the high demand for its A3 and A4 models.

Their colleagues at BMW will keep pace, working 16 extra shifts in order to meet orders for their 3 series while company bosses decide whether to up production for their 5 and 7-series of automobiles.

Mercedes is looking into ways it can up production of its popular SL-model.

The three companies are banking on stable sales to see them through a German car market expected to go into the doldrums this year.