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Press Releases

Paul Kagame: "Nobody‘s interested in war"

Rwandan president in an interview with DW-TV

During a visit to Deutsche Welle’s television studios in Berlin on Wednesday, the Rwandan president Paul Kagame poured cold water on the possibility of armed conflict between his country and Congo. “Nobody’s interested in war”, Kagame told DW-TV in an interview. "Rwanda certainly is not, and I don’t think Congo is interested in a war either."

Congo and Rwanda have fought each other twice in the last ten years. Kagame and his Congolese counterpart Joseph Kabila agreed last week to send a joint monitoring team to investigate fresh tension at the border between the two countries. The tension stems partly from the continued presence in Congo of Rwandan Hutu militias connected to the 1994 genocide of over 500.000 Tutsis.

"We have serious concerns about them", the Rwandan president told DW-TV. "They are still armed, they are causing problems to us, they want to continue crossing our border and cause havoc and kill people in Rwanda."

Asked how the German authorities could help defuse the situation, Kagame said: "I’m sure they have a role to play, there’s no doubt about it. I think Germany has shown interest in supporting the development agenda in Africa, and development cannot take place without peace, without security."

30th of June 2004

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