Jamie Oliver′s Dinner Show Postponed in Germany | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 04.11.2008
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Jamie Oliver's Dinner Show Postponed in Germany

British popstar chef Jamie Oliver's TV shows and cookbooks have gone down a treat with Germans, but not so his new cooking stage show, which is being postponed due to poor ticket sales, a German newspaper has reported.

A person grabbing noodles with chopsticks

Will Oliver be able to stir up more enthusiasm among his German fans?

An attempt to latch onto the current trend in dinner shows in Germany, the "Jamie Oliver Dinner Show" features live music, acrobats, a four-course meal and an ample serving of British humor, according to the PR firm representing Oliver in Germany. It was supposed to premiere on Nov. 13 in Hamburg, where it is due to run every day except for Mondays until May.

Now, an official statement has been released, saying the Hamburg show has been postponed until 2009, citing problems with the 500-capacity tent meant to house the production.

German edition of a Jamie Oliver cook book

Jamie Oliver's books have sold well in Germany

Germany's mass circulation daily Bild newspaper, however, reported on Tuesday that the real reason for the postponement is flagging demand for tickets, which cost between 89 euros and 129 euros ($113 - $164). Bild did not say where it got its information.

Swen Wudtke, a spokesman for Oliver's German PR company, denied this was the case, telling news agency AFP that some 7,000 tickets had already been sold.

Perhaps Oliver's German fans were disappointed to learn that the Naked Chef, as he is known, would not be putting in an appearance at the Hamburg premiere, opting instead to beam in a video message.

Wudtke told AFP that the dinner show's Frankfurt launch -- where Oliver will make a personal appearance -- is still slated to go ahead on Nov. 20.

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