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From the Fringe

Dumplings Death to Desire, Star Chef Says

German birth rates have been declining for years, but it took Jamie Oliver to suggest a reason why. Perhaps Germans would have more sex if they knocked off the heavy foods.

Plate of dumplings

These little round babies can nip potential romance in the bud

Early in his career, Britain's Jamie Oliver was known as the "Naked Chef" for his love of simple, stripped-down food.

But in an interview with the German edition of Men's Health magazine, Oliver offered his views not just on cuisine, but coitus.

When asked what he would cook for a hot date, Oliver said it didn't really matter as long as the main dish wasn't heavy.

"You won't get anywhere afterward if you've eaten a huge curry or a stew with dumplings," the star chef opined.

Jamie Oliver

Hey, Oliver, whose dumplings are you running down?

Come again, readers in Germany must be thinking. The next thing you'll be telling us is that beer is bad for your sex life.

Germans are particularly fond of their dumplings, called alternately kloesse or knoedel -- which are balls of grated potatoes or bread held together with egg yolk and other sticky stuff.

According to Oliver, you're better off lightly dining on greens before a roll in the hay rather than stuffing your face with carbohydrates.

Sauerkraut and dumplings

Sauerkraut and dumplings --a form of birth control

There was no immediate word on whether portly men around Germany had taken umbrage at Oliver casting aspersions on their, er, knoedel, but maybe Central Europeans should listen to the chef's advice.

With birth rates plummeting, Germans need all the help they can get to get in the sack more often.

And Oliver is not only a famous television chef. He's also married to a model.

No questioning his kloesse.

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