In Vietnam, new logistics for wind power | Global Ideas | DW | 25.01.2011
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Global Ideas

In Vietnam, new logistics for wind power

The booming Southeast Asian state is setting up the legal and technical base to harness wind power.

Project Goal: Developing wind power in Vietnam
Measures: Advising government, conducting training schemes, providing technical support in planning wind power plants. 
Duration: 2008 - 2011
Investment: 1,000,000 euros

Vietnam's booming economy has fueled a growing need for energy – demand is rising by an average 15 percent per year. So far, alternative energies have played a minor role, even though the country has an abundance of wind and water. Until now, investors have been put off by the lack of a legal framework for wind power development in Vietnam. But the GIZ German Society for International Cooperation is now providing logistical and technical aid, organizing training for Vietnamese skilled workers and helping develop grid-connected wind parks.

A film by Peter Wozny