Germany′s anti-doping agency launches new finance campaign | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 28.01.2014
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Germany's anti-doping agency launches new finance campaign

Germany's National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) is on the lookout for more secure financing. They have launched a new campaign for 2014 under the motto "Give everything. Take nothing."

NADA unveiled its new campaign at a press conference in Berlin on Tuesday. The new look comes with a revamped website and celebrity ambassadors made up of active and former professional athletes. Helping to launch the initiative are boxers Vladimir Klitschko, fencer Claudia Bokel and beach volleyball player Jonas Reckermann.

"The initiative is important in order to finally secure sustained and long-term financing," NADA chief Andrea Gotzmann told reporters.

"There is too much ignorance about NADA," she said. "Our goal is to change NADA a lot. We have to become more transparent and show that we stand together with the athletes for cleaner sports."

Medical firm Otto Bock Medizintechnik, which is led by NADA Chairman of the Board Hans-Georg Näder, pledged 1 million euros ($1.36 million) to the organization for the coming year. In doing so, they became NADA's second key funder after Adidas. The sporting goods company has said it wants to increase its annual donation of 300,000 euros.

"We also have firm commitments from the federal government and are well positioned for 2014," said Gotzmann. "But the question still remains, what tasks does NADA have to accomplish? Ultimately, we intend to bring all competition tests under our control, at the moment it's only around 30 percent."

dr/ph (dpa, SID)

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