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German Muslim organizations form umbrella group to help refugees

Three major German Muslim organization have come together to establish a new umbrella organization to better coordinate and expand assistance to refugees. More than a million asylum seekers arrived in Germany last year.

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany (ZMD), Islamic Council of Germany and Islamic Society of Shiite Communities announced the formation of the refugee aid umbrella group in an effort to coordinate and expand services to refugees.

"The refugee situation presents all of us Muslims with great challenges. It is important and necessary to pool our forces in order to support newly arriving people in the best way, to incorporate them and offer them opportunities," said Nurhan Soykan, the newly elected head of the "Union of Muslim Refugee Help," who is also the general secretary of the ZMD.

The new umbrella group aims to better organize volunteers and full-time helpers, while also developing new projects. It also sent letters to relevant government authorities offering help and support in responding to the refugee crisis in Germany.

Muslim organizations are already active in responding to the refugee crisis in Germany, but with the formation of a new umbrella organization they hope to be more efficient and effective.