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Few Cancel Trips to Turkey After Blasts

In the wake of a second wave of deadly terrorist bombings in Istanbul on Thursday, few tourists have cancelled trips to the city, according to tour operators. By Friday, Hamburg-based Öger Tours, which specializes in tourism to Turkey, received 87 calls from people who wanted to change their holiday destination and 30 cancellations for trips to Istanbul. Another 1,305 tourists are still set to travel to the city over the next week. Only seven of 700 Öger-customers in Istanbul at the time of the bombings wanted to return home immediately. TUI, Europe's largest tour operator, received no cancellations as of Friday. The Hannover-based company mainly offers trips to resorts along Turkey's Mediterranean coast. Germany's foreign ministry has issued no general travel advisories against trips to Turkey, but suggested that travellors postpone any unnecessary visits to Istanbul until the situation there has been clarified.