DW-TV presents: Avant Retro – MoMA Comes to Berlin | Press Releases | DW | 18.02.2004
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Press Releases

DW-TV presents: Avant Retro – MoMA Comes to Berlin

Germany’s international TV broadcaster media partner of the New York Museum of Modern Art - DW-documentary screened at the New National Gallery in Berlin

As of 20 February 2004, the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) will be presenting 200 of its most famous art works at the New National Gallery in Berlin and DW-TV has been selected as official media partner for the occasion. To coincide with the event, Germany’s international TV broadcaster has produced a thirty minute documentary on the "making of" of the exhibition. As an extra highlight, DW-TV will be presenting the story of this unusual German-American artistic joint venture. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, which runs until 19 September, the film can be viewed at the New National Gallery on TV screens in German and English.

"The arts are part of the main focus of Germany’s international television broadcaster, which targets audiences world-wide. The MoMA project puts us on a distinctive transatlantic course," said DW-TV’s Director Christoph Lanz in Berlin. "We take a look behind the scenes and ask: How did MoMA get to Berlin? Who are the movers and shakers? What significance does the show have for the legendary Berlin-New York connection?" During the course of the film, which takes viewers on a trip from New York via Houston to Berlin, the DW-TV team shows the preparations for the show, how the artworks were removed from their original locations and set up in Berlin, follows the trail of modern art history and shows selected works from the outstanding collection.

DW-TV will broadcast the documentary globally beginning 19 February in German, English and Spanish.

18 February 2004

Worldwide broadcasting premier on DW-TV: German:
Rückkehr der Avantgarde – Das MoMA in Berlin

19.2.2004 15:30 UTC (16:30 CET)

20.2.2004 03:30 UTC

21.2.2004 21:30 UTC

22.2.2004 09:30 UTC English:
Avant Retro – MoMA Comes to Berlin

19.2.2004 18:30 UTC

20.2.2004 06:30 UTC

22.2.2004 00:30 and 12:30 UTC Spanish:
El MoMA en Berlín – El regreso de la vanguardia

19.2.2004 21:30 UTC

22.2.2004 02:30 UTC

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Christoph Jumpelt

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