DW-TV: German-Egyptian Talkshow Premieres in Berlin | Press Releases | DW | 27.05.2008
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Press Releases

DW-TV: German-Egyptian Talkshow Premieres in Berlin

A new cooperation with Egypt TV focuses on young people, their thoughts and opinions.

The TV talkshow “Jugend ohne Grenzen” (young people across borders) had its production premiere on May 24, 2008. Young individuals from Germany and Egypt gathered this past Saturday to discuss the “long road towards getting a dream job”. The monthly talkshow will alternate being produced in Berlin and Cairo and is a joint-production from Deutsche Welle and the Egyptian broadcaster Egypt TV. The show will be produced four times in each city by the end of the year.

The first episode was recorded in a studio in the Europa-Center in Berlin. Instead of prominent politicians or education experts, a group of young people from both countries came together to discuss their outlooks on careers. Sahar Nagui, well-known from Egyptian television, hosted the one-hour discussion with the help of a translator.

“The relationship between Europe and North Africa is becoming more and more important,” said Christoph Lanz, Director of Television at Deutsche Welle. “By bringing together young people from different cultures to meet and exchange viewpoints, we create an excellent platform for authentic dialogue.”

One of the talkshow’s special features is that trailers are produced in part by the young people involved. The first episode will be broadcast by DW-TV Arabia and Egypt TV at the beginning of June. The next episode will be produced on June 21 in Cairo.

In March 2008, DW-TV and the Algerian broadcaster EPTV produced an Arabic talkshow called “North-South Dialogue”. The two broadcasters also agreed to a long-term cooperative relationship.

May 27, 2008