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Daylight savings: 8 German words that will change the way you see time

People all over the world trade in an hour of their lives thanks to the practice of daylight savings. From weddings to pickles, here are some interesting German words that are - surprisingly - dedicated to time.

In Europe and another of other countries, clocks are set back one hour in the night from October 29 to October 30. In the US, the sleep gain won't occur this year until November 6. 

Some countries, like Iran, Mongolia and Turkey, set other dates, while countries in the southern hemisphere inversely lose an hour in October and gain it back in April. Many regions of the world - including most of Africa and Asia - don't observe daylight saving time at all.

No matter which country you live in, time is something that binds us all. Click through the gallery for our favorite time-related words in the German language.

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