A journey through time and timeless timekeepers | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 23.03.2017
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A journey through time and timeless timekeepers

Has our relationship with time evolved over time or have we merely reinvented the clock too many times? As the leading event for watches kicks off in Switzerland, Baselworld, we take a look at timekeepers old and new.

Much of human existence is expressed in terms of time, whether you are enjoying some "down time," living on "borrowed time," or having a "hard time" or "serving time." One thing is certain: We cannot escape time. Some events heighten our awareness of time - such as equinox or the onset of daylight savings time, which is observed in Europe and other parts of the world in the night from March 25-26.

The ways in which we measure time also say a lot about the ways we view it. You have the "sands of time" in an hourglass or coordinate your plans with others "like clockwork." And whatever you do, there never seems to be enough time.

Through it all, we try to keep time stylishly, fashionably, even timelessly. Even though wristwatches have waned in popularity with the arrival of mobile phones, new trends such as smart watches keep our fascination with time alive. The Baselworld 2017 trade show in Switzerland highlights the latest trends in watch couture, as we take a look at a brief history of time in the gallery above.

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