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BMW recalls 3-series cars over airbag issues

German premium carmaker BMW has announced a major recall involving more than a million of its BMW 3 models. The step is a precautionary measure, BMW says, and is prompted by faulty airbags.

The recall was for about 1.6 million cars, BMW said in a statement released Wednesday, affecting primarily BMW 3 series models built between 1999 and 2006.

The decision was a "precautionary voluntary measure to minimize the risk of the passenger airbag not opening properly," the German premium carmaker said.

BMW also said that there was a rare risk of airbag generators to rupture, adding that no such incident had been reported yet. The Munich-based auto maker refused to give the name of the airbag manufacturer who had supplied the faulty devices.

Defective airbags have led to a series of mass recalls recently, hitting primarily

Japanese carmakers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda

. They blamed Japanese supplier Takata for the recall.

BMW already began recalling about 240,000 cars of its 3 series model shortly after accusations against Takata had surfaced in May 2013. These cars would not need an additional change of airbag, BMW said.

uhe/sri (dpa, AFP)

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