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Global Ideas

A desert country sets green targets

Morocco is embracing a greener future by building the world’s largest solar power plant. And that's not all. A series of smaller initiatives are helping Moroccans adapt to climate change in a sustainable way.

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Project type: Construction of the world’s largest solar power plant in Ouarzazate, climate adaptation strategies in smaller communities

Project goal: The 2,000 megawatt plant is set to be completed by 2020
- Improving the economic and social position of women in the region

Project volume: The International Climate Initiative has provided 15 million euros ($19.9 million) for the construction of the solar power plant

CO2 savings: 230,000 tons a year

Morocco is urgently looking for ways to cope with a changing climate, and environmental concerns are now high up on the country’s political agenda. That has led to massive climate adaptation and protection projects, such as the world’s largest solar power plant which is being built near the city of Ouarzazate in the south of the country. But in villages and towns, it’s smaller initiatives that are making a difference. Local residents have seen their lives altered dramatically as a result of climate change effects such as droughts and floods.

A film by Mabel Gundlach

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