Ima li nade u spas financijskog sektora? (23.9.2008., na engleskom)

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The past turbulent week saw the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the 85 billion dollar rescue of US insurer AIG. Crises are popping up all over on world finance markets. It may have begun in the US, but Europe is being affected as well. British mortgage lender Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) was snapped up by a smaller competitor. Germany's state-owned KfW Group dropped half a billion euros in a transfer to Lehman just before it declared bankruptcy. The crisis continues. Made in Germany went to finance centers around the globe to hear whether there is any hope for the system. Is everything due to change on world markets? Manuel Ă–zcerkes put together some of the views of international finance experts.

  • Date 24.09.2008
  • Author Constanze Tress