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"Zeleni val" u špediterskoj branši (30.9.2008., na engleskom)

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A green wave is rolling in the transport industry – thanks to high fuel prices. With diesel getting more and more expensive, high-efficiency, environmentally sound engines are getting more and more attractive – despite their expense. And manufacturers are scrambling to cater to the trend. At this year’s IAA, International Automobile Exhibition for utility vehicles in Hanover, the MAN company is showing its first hybrid truck; Daimler is presenting eleven vehicles with alternative engines, including three world premières from Mercedes-Benz. Some vehicles are already on the market. Ten Daimler experimental 12-ton trucks with combined electro-diesel motors are already on the road in central London. Their fuel savings are as much as 15 percent. But does expensive technology save money in everyday use? Arne Hasberg checks out the latest high-tech trucks and asks transport companies if and when they might buy the new models.