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HSV - jedini klub s grobljem za svoje navijače! (na engleskom)

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A concrete replica of a soccer goal marks the entrance to a cemetery directly beside a stadium where fans of Hamburg's soccer team, Hamburg SV, can now find a final resting place close to their idols. There is one requirement: they have to be members of the club. A Hamburg undertaking firm is advertizing for it using the slogan, "True passion knows no final whistle." Take your choice: a coffin or an urn in the team’s colors. The license fees for the use of its logo go to HSV. The cemetery expects to attract new customers with its HSV-themed graveyard. There is space for 300 to 500 graves in the area reserved for eternal fans.

  • Date 23.10.2008
  • Author Ema Nevenka Jülich