Episode 51 – A Reference Letter For Jan | Radio D - Druga serija | DW | 01.10.2009
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Radio D - Druga serija

Episode 51 – A Reference Letter For Jan

Now it's time once again to say goodbye: unfortunately Jan's internship is coming to an end and Philipp and Paula are thinking about a letter of reference. Today Jan expresses his generosity.

The journalists and Eulalia are back in the office.

Now it's party time again

There is to be a small farewell party to mark Jan's last day as an intern at Radio D. He surprises his colleagues with some drinks and snacks. But Paula and Philipp are still busy writing him a letter of reference. For this they need to find the right phrasing, because if Jan gets a good reference then he can maybe attend a journalism school.

The professor is taking a look at the conjunctions "falls" and "wenn", and explains conditional sentences to the listeners.