Episode 40 – A Hot Lead | Radio D - Druga serija | DW | 01.10.2009
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Radio D - Druga serija

Episode 40 – A Hot Lead

Philipp and Paula have a first suspicion and want to take a look at what the laser experts are doing in the "optic town" Jena. And they already have an idea where they could get some information.

The two journalists stand in front of a large building.

Are Paula and Philipp on the right tracks?

In the optics plant Philipp and Paula want to investigate a lead. An interview at the site should answer their first questions. But the press spokesperson doesn't want to give them any information at all and sends Paula and Philipp away. The reporters investigate on their own initiative and become witnesses of secret events.

The professor proves that he is more talkative than the press spokesperson by dealing with everyday speech, in particular abbreviated phrases in the spoken language.