Episode 38 – By Train to Jena | Radio D - Druga serija | DW | 01.10.2009
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Radio D - Druga serija

Episode 38 – By Train to Jena

Philipp's car is broken so the two journalists from Radio D have to travel to the site of their next investigation by train. Some very strange occurrences are taking place there. A clear case for Paula and Philipp.

Paula and Philipp in a train carriage

Will Paula and Philipp arrive on time?

Just as Philipp has finished taking his car to be repaired, a new investigation is already waiting. In Jena someone is causing trouble with laser beams. Paula and Philipp need to shine a light on the matter. So they go by train to the site of the occurrences. But as is so often the case, not everything happens as it should.

The professor uses this as an excuse to look at the modal verb "sollen" and explains its meaning in a statement or question phrase.