Learn with the Audiotrainer | Vokabeltrainer - Wortschatzübungen zum Mitnehmen | Deutsche Welle | DW | 01.02.2013
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Learn with the Audiotrainer

The free Audio Tutor allows you to quickly and easily learn and repeat new vocabulary and phrases. Subscribe to 100 lesson of vocabulary, gramar and pronunciation training as a podcast.

Learn with the Audio Tutor in a fast and uncomplicated manner the most important sentences or brush up your knowledge of German. The Audio Tutor contains 100 thematically ordered lesson with easy vocabulary and example sentences which you need in everyday life: From greeting to shopping in the supermarket to small talk – the lessons help you in every situation. The level of the vocabulary trainer is oriented to level A1 and A2 of the Common European Framework Reference.

And this is how it works: Download the Mp3 files which you want to study. Listen to the phrase that you’re learning first in English. This is followed by the German translation, spoken by a woman and a man. Listen carefully and repeat. You can repeat the vocabulary as often as you want. Click the podcast link of the Audio Tutor to quicly download all 100 lessons on to your Mp3 player.