Yemen′s intelligence service hit with deadly attack | News | DW | 18.08.2012
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Yemen's intelligence service hit with deadly attack

At least 14 Yemeni soldiers have been killed in an attack on the intelligence service headquarters in the port city of Aden. Officials report that machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades were used in the attack.

A security official who anonymously spoke to the AFP news agency said the attack "is the work of al Qaeda elements."

The Yemeni Defense Ministry said that armed gunmen attacked the intelligence service headquarters from two directions. One attack came at an entrance of an adjacent building used by the state television station.

A car bomb was also reportedly driven through an entrance into the courtyard of the building and then detonated. Rocket-propelled grenades were also launched at the building.

The perpetrators in the attack were able to get away, and a number of soldiers and three employees of the state television service were wounded.

The United States has backed Yemen in its effort to combat militants within its borders, notably by increasing drone strikes on suspected members of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

mz/slk (Reuters, dpa, AFP)