World premiere of the Audi A5 coupé | Drive it! - The Motor Magazine | DW | 21.06.2016
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Drive it!

World premiere of the Audi A5 coupé

VW sold over 200,000 first-generation A5s in nearly ten years. For the second generation, developers have reduced the car’s weight by up to 60 kg and done much to improve its aerodynamics.

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Iconic vehicles from 70 years of coupé history strutted their stuff on Audi Piazza in Ingolstadt, in front of more than 1,000 invited guests. All that was in preparation for the guest of honor: the second-generation Audi A5 coupé. In just under ten years, Audi sold more than 200,000 of the first generation of A5s. Developers have cut the second generation's weight by up to 60 kg and have improved the aerodynamics. The new A5 also has new technological features. the A5 and S5 will come to the showrooms this fall.