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World in Progress

Stories that matter from around the world. For more info about the show, click here.

World in Progress

Every Wednesday, a new episode of DW's half-hour radio program and podcast brings you underreported stories from around the world – about forgotten crises, human rights as well as the far-reaching and interconnected consequences of a globalized world.

At World in Progress, we offer insights and context through in-depth interviews and features.

You can listen and subscribe to World in Progress on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever else you get your podcasts. World in Progress is also broadcast on radio stations around the world.

Insights from around the world

Extreme weather fueled by climate change such as droughts and floods displace some 20 million people every year. By some estimates, by 2050, climate migration could push over one billion people out of their homes. 

Pressure on freedom of speech and expression has been ramped up by rulers who want to silence critics - such as arbirary arrests in El Salvador and Iran, or the attempt at silencing critical journalists in Guatemala, to name just a few of our most recent topics. 

The world is in economic turmoil. In many parts of the world, affordable housing is hard to come by. How does that shape societies?

We also shine a light on problems - and possible solutions - that are relevant to us all, such as preventing the next pandemic

Got a question for us?

Get in touch at worldinprogress [at] dw.com

Anke Rasper, Sarah Steffen and Kathleen Schuster produce and host World in Progress out of DW studios in Bonn, Germany.

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