World in Progress: “What′s the Alternative?” African Women leaders | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 02.09.2021

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World in Progress: “What's the Alternative?” African Women leaders

Women across Africa shape protest movements and stand up for their rights: from descendants of Benin's Amazon warriors, to activists fighting injustice and women promoting gender equality with political and poetic means.

Listen to audio 29:59

Women across the African continent are often portrayed as oppressed, poor or victims of conflict and violence.

But this one-sided view overlooks the increasing number of women who are shaping politics across many African countries. And there are many examples to be found. Take the descendants of the historic Amazon warriors in Benin, who are using traditions handed down over centuries to fight for equality today.

Or activists in Uganda using their poetic talents to provoke the country’s long-ruling president. The list goes on.

Many of these women put themselves in harm’s way to fight for equality and participation on the continent. Even death threats or being forced to flee their homes won't stop them.

Reporters: Antje Diekhans, Dunja Sadaqi