Workshops | Topics | DW | 10.03.2014
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  • Caught in the web – The media as both victim and perpetrator alike
    Hosted by: Deutsche Telekom AG
  • See YOU in the future - New ways of digital storytelling
    Hosted by: Grimme Institut
  • Journalists and NGOs: Giving a voice to communities affected by disaster
    Hosted by: CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V.
  • Big media vs. social media in the global, nonviolent and humanist revolution
    Hosted by: Pressenza
  • Quality vs. Quantity – How is traditional media responding to the rise of social media?
    Hosted by: Deutsche Welle
  • Turning around: How innovative media formats can turn disinterest into engagement
    Hosted by: Deutsche Welle
  • Information controls: Iran’s presidential elections
    Hosted by: ASL19
  • A blueprint for building communities: Applying community-building practices to a news media company
    Hosted by: Wartburg College
  • The rise of citizen journalism and its impact on traditional journalism in Russia
    Hosted by: IREX Europe
  • The secret of mobilizing 34 million people
    Hosted by: