Wine to Set You Glowing | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 10.12.2001
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Wine to Set You Glowing

When the chill sets in, it’s time for a hot drink. In Germany and Austria, one of the most popular beverages at this time of year is Glühwein.


Take off the cold with a mug of traditional Glühwein

After spending a few hours in the frosty outdoors, there’s nothing like a mug of hot mulled wine to warm you up again. In German, this drink of choice is called "Glühwein" or literally translated ‘glowing wine’. And there’s nothing like the alcoholic punch to send your spirits soaring on a cold and dreary December day.

Starting at the beginning of December, little wooden Glühwein huts spring up in German towns next to the usual Bratwurst stands. The scent of citrus, cloves and cinnamon is irresistible. Long lines and swarms of jovial shoppers and tourists stand around sipping a mug or two of the potent red drink. In the evenings the crowds in front of these stands grow larger and louder as friends meet for their annual round of Glühwein.

Here’s an easy recipe for making your own glowing wine. Be careful, though, since you drink the wine warm, the alcohol goes straight to your head.

1 bottle red wine
100 ml water (about 0.1 quart)
45 g sugar (less than 2 ounces)
2-3 cloves
1/2 peeled lemon
1 stick cinnamon
Boil cinnamon, sugar, and cloves in water.
Turn off heat
Strain the water after 25-30 minutes.
Add wine to water
Heat wine – but don’t boil (boiling removes the alcohol)
Add lemon
Serve in a coffee mug and enjoy with friends

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