Win for Hanover boosts Champions League hopes | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 22.04.2011
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Win for Hanover boosts Champions League hopes

Hanover has beaten hosts Freiburg 3-1, boosting their Champions League hopes. With three games to go, they are back in the third spot in the Bundesliga, ahead of football giants, Bayern Munich.

Hanover celebrating a goal

Hanover have their sights set on the qualifying rounds

Hanover 96 jumped back into the third spot in the Bundesliga after a 3-1 win over hosts, Freiburg, on Thursday.

With three games before the end of their season, Hanover are now ahead of fourth-placed Bayern Munich.

Both teams are battling for a third place finish, which would get them through to the Champions League qualifying rounds.

"We played a near perfect first half," said Hanover coach Mirko Slomka. "We fought on in the second half although the goal we conceded made us a bit nervous."

Although Hanover were missing suspended midfielder Sergio Pinto and top striker Didier Ya Konan, they took the lead in the 24th minute with a goal from Mohammed Abdellaoue.

Seven minutes later, Jan Schlaudraff scored the second goal for Hanover, before Manuel Schiedebach sealed the win early in the second half.

Jan Rosenthal cut the deficit in the 79th minute for Freiburg.

Author: Charlotte Chelsom-Pill (dpa, AFP)

Editor: Andreas Illmer

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