Will Kanye West become an Ikea designer? | Music | DW | 03.08.2016
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Will Kanye West become an Ikea designer?

The famous rapper wants to expand as a designer and called on Ikea to allow him to create furniture. The company seems reluctant to collaborate - but still plays with the idea of releasing something "Yeezy" to assemble.

In a phone interview with BBC Radio One on Monday, Kanye West promoted his plans to design furniture. "I have to work with Ikea," the millionaire rapper called on the Swedish furniture company, hoping the radio interview would "make a difference."

Yeezy - as the rapper is known - mentioned ideas for "a minimalist apartment inside of a college dorm with a TV built inside of the wall."

He had already written on Twitter that he was inspired to design for the company after visiting their headquarters in March:

West, however, also mentioned in that same interview that some people on the Ikea board found him too rude during their meeting.

He explained that his outspoken style is something he'll hold onto: "How about dreaming out loud? How about still feeling something can happen to make the world better, to inspire people?"

After the international media picked up the story, an Ikea spokesperson told CNBC that even though they "were flattered by Kanye West's high interest," they did not plan to "collaborate at this point in time."

Still, Ikea Australia posted on Facebook, "Hej Kanye, we'd love to see what you'd create… we could make you Famous!" with a mockup of the plans for a "Yeezy": three double beds assembled to each other, referring to his video "Famous," where West is asleep and naked in a giant bed with his wife Kim Kardashian and many other stars.

Yeezy has also posted some sketches for his own bedroom on Twitter. The bed appears to have a reasonable size:

The rapper has already designed sneakers for Nike and Adidas and launched his own label, Yeezy.

He told BBC that he aims to make "content" in all kinds of disciplines and designs that are reasonably priced - for the people.

Reacting to those who do no believe he is qualified as a multidisciplinary creator, he declared: "It's like telling Michelangelo, 'I know you did this dope angel, that was really good, but Michelangelo, I don't think you could paint a cow."

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