Why is Michael Moore so Popular? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 30.07.2004
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Why is Michael Moore so Popular?

"Fahrenheit 9/11" opened to rave reviews in German cinemas this week. DW-WORLD took a look at why Michael Moore is so popular among Europeans and asked its readers their interpretation on the director's work.


Does he twist facts or tell the deeper truth about America?

While Michael Moore may not be a flawless mind, he certainly contributes critical thinking to critical issues facing today's world citizens. Albeit a subjective perspective, Moore's productions do provide balance to ever-increasing imbalanced popular media outlets. -- Daniel Drennan

I think that Michael Moore is standing up for what a great deal of people in the US believe. He deserves to be taken seriously and the quality of his documentary is proof of that. The fact that he has become popular in Germany and Europe is also a relief -- maybe through his film and writings, some Europeans might see that there is opposition from many Americans against the war, George Bush and his actions such as the Patriot Act. -- Britta Tucker

Michael Moore is not "popular" in America! Sure the very crazy listen to him and believe a man that has no common sense.... People who educate themselves would know about the facts of 9/11, the action to take Saddam out of power to free the people of his country and also Afghanistan. It was our decision and I like most Americans have never felt that Germany should go along with the war unless they wanted too. I hope that the people of Germany look at him for what he is -- a nobody who makes more money than most of the common people in the USA and Germany! -- Jan Pickens

I believe that Europeans put too much faith in everything Michael Moore says. As an American, I feel that he is right about alot of things, however, he does not always have the full story. The mistake made by alot of Europeans is that they take his word as absolute truth. They also believe that because Michael Moore says so, that all Americans are like those Michael Moore portrays, which is not true. I do believe that eventually they will see the holes in his stories, and come to accept that Michael's stories do have merit, but have to be taken "with a grain of salt". He does make you think, which is a start in getting Americans to realize what a mess the Bush presidency has created during his tenure. Now we must undo that mess. -- Belinda Rowe

Fahrenheit 9/11 Premiere in Berlin

A sold-out audience watches the German premier of "Fahrenheit 9/11" at an open-air cinema in Berlin's Charlottenburg Palace on July 28.

This "docummentary" is a twist on facts and has a lot of fiction in it. It will be a beloved film of anyone who does not like Bush. Hopefully those that do like him don't believe the lies purported by Mr. Moore. There are some powerful scenes as well, but for the most part I was disappointed that most of Mr. Moore's criticisms of this administration were sensationalized to make him more money. Overall, a waste of time and 9 dollars. -- Mark

Behind the laughing facetiousness of comedy there is always the grim truth of tragedy -- the infinite drama of force bettering reason. Humorous Moore is terribly serious. The postmodern world should never be short on guys like Moore. -- Guillermo Indacoechea

Moore is a serious dissenting voice representing many of us who are disenchanted with Bush and his arrogant buddies, who have created the Iraq mess, reversed the Clinton budget surplus, divided the country by preaching insecurity and fear and generally setting us back years in their reversals and failure to enforce environmental safeguards. -- Alex Sajkovic

If Europeans love Michael Moore, it must be because they want to believe that Americans as individuals are not evil -- they have just lost control of their leadership. Michael Moore represents American ingenuity, creativity, informality, a wry sense of the absurdity of life, and a strong sense of moral outrage in the face of injustice. He represents the true American much more accurately than does current American leadership. Please bear with us while we attempt to address our problems this November. -- Ron Andrico

Moore tells a story as well as anyone. He could make mincemeat out of Mother Theresa yet he chooses his targets well. His approach is to aim at split issues: Guns, Bush, (he will next look at the US Health System) where an equal number of people have strong positions for or against. He will then take the anti-US government approach which rings well with Europeans and exploit it. Moore's humor is dry and it feigns a sort of mild mannered spectator. It also doesn't hurt that his work appeals to the educated/ well read audience - proportionately Europeans are better in this area than Americans. -- John Lord

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