Why DW is a perfect choice for African media partners | Business & Sales | DW | 09.04.2019
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Business & Sales

Why DW is a perfect choice for African media partners

For decades, DW's programming in Africa has been making an impression on people across the continent. With informative and educational content, DW keeps up with trends and gives Africans a platform to share their world.

DW is expanding its presence in Africa, with new partnerships and more content for curious minds. Every week, DW's television, online and radio content reaches 57 million people in Africa. With an audience ranging from community and opinion leaders, to students and activists, DW is making an impression all over the African continent.

The 77 Percent, DW's multimedia platform featuring African youth, is the latest big thing from DW in Africa. The 77 Percent now includes a 26-minute weekly television show that tackles problems affecting young people all over Africa. But rather then focusing on negativity, the show features young people who are working on solutions.

African's under 35 years old comprise 77 Percent of the continents population. DW gives them a platform to share their hopes, dreams, fears, and visions for the future. The multimedia content is available in Amharic, English, French, Hausa, Swahili and Portuguese.  

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77 Percent

The value of partners 

The success of the 77 Percent concept has been driven by cooperation with DW's broadcasting partners in Africa. It is also fueled by debate on social media among DW's 4 million followers in Africa. 

When the 77 Percent radio and online segments were released in 2017, DW and African partner stations hosted town hall debates in Abidjan, Accra, Bamako, Banjul, Conakry, Dakar, Jos and Niamey. Young members of the audience joined politicians to discuss migration and challenges facing African youth. 

The 77 Percent's TV magazine was first broadcast on April 6, and already DW's African partners are taking the opportunity to include a young, vibrant and compelling TV format in their lineups. Last week, Ugandan broadcaster NBS was one of the first channels in Africa to express interest in broadcasting the show. 

NBS is the TV channel of DW's Ugandan partner Next Media Services, and it is the latest step in a successful history of cooperation. The partner already broadcasts DW’s premium content DWP Library and Editor’s Choice, as well as sports programs on NBS.

Eco Africa is another hugely popular DW in formatin Africa that has been a hit with audiences and partners. The show focuses on environmental issues in Africa and highlights solutions developed by ordinary people that are making a big difference in improving life in their communities - one innovation at a time. 

The show is made possible because of the input and cooperation of DW partners. DW's Nigerian partner Channels TV and Kwese TV, which serves countries throughout Southern Africa. 

And last year the French version of the magazine, Eco Afrique, quickly expanded its presence in Francophone Africa with new broadcasting partnerships in countries including Mali, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Niger and Chad. 

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Doing Your Bit: A hydroponic pyramid

Join us 

You can subscribe to the 77 Percent's radio show or individual reports on iTunes, listen and subscribe on Soundcloud, find episodes in DW's media center, or tap the RSS feed for the whole show or for individual reports. You can also contribute to Eco Africa and share your conservation story on the show's #doingyourbit segment. 

Contact a DW distribution representative now for more information on including DW's African content in your portfolio. 

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