Who is to Blame for Soccer Violence? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 18.11.2005
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Who is to Blame for Soccer Violence?

After clashes between the Swiss and Turkish soccer teams and their fans in Istanbul on Wednesday, many DW-WORLD readers felt commentators were unfairly blaming Turks more than the Swiss.


Still playing fair during the game

The following comments reflect the views of our readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

I think Switzerland should be disqualified from the 2006 World Cup. I am a Turkish. (Swiss player Benjamin) Huggel is very impolite. We are not to forget this. Turkey is very nationalist and the Swiss are to be whistled at. -- taskira n

About 100 people watched the Turkey-Switzerland game on the big screen in a bar in Los Angeles from start to finish. As far as we could tell, the Swiss players were the ones who incited the fights with their provocative pulls, kicks, and gestures. In one case, a Swiss player even attacked a Turk from behind. We were all stunned to see this Swiss player then attack, again from behind, Alpay, who then turned around to defend himself. Your article misleads your readers and I think you owe an apology to your readers. It all started with the racist media in Switzerland deliberately defaming the Turkish team and the Swiss fans insulting the Turks by whistling the Turkish national anthem. Thus, the stage was set by the Swiss aggression and slander. Turks reacted. That is the plain truth. -- Kirlikovali

Fußball Schweiz Türkei Fans in Luzern

Hundreds of Swiss fans celebrated in Lucerne on Wednesday

Turkey shouldn't be disqualified from the 2010 World Cup. Whatever happened in Turkey, there was a reason behind it. How come you don't mention anything that happened to us in Switzerland? During our national anthem they didn't respect at all and right before the game FIFA decided to change the referee. -- koraysara n dal

Yes, I think (Turkey) should be banned, because priority should always be fair play including coaches and spectators. If a nation can not accept a defeat there should be consequences. -- tmgcu n

Your article does not objectively assess the issue. This can only lead to wrong decisions which will affect the real sport lovers from this country. Instead of disqualifying Turkey, the behavior of both sides in the both games should be observed and then a decision should be taken. I am sure a punishment for Turkey must not be harder than a punishment for Switzerland. The Swiss side was a kind of catalyst for the whole sad chain of events. -- U.De n iz

How can you ask such a question before an investigation of the FIFA takes place? Even you do not know what happened in detail. There are many facts about the match in Switzerland. Nobody is talking about this. We also should not tolerate the behavior of the Swiss. The provocations and actions in Switzerland at the first match was the reason of the tempered behavior of Turkish fans. Not the game itself. It's a partial view and presentation of the European media. Now, Europe got another chance to exclude Turkey from world soccer. I can not imagine what for 2014. Congratulations! -- so n er

Türkei nicht bei WM dabei

Turkish coach Fatih Terim gestures to referee Frank De Bleeckere after the match

Yes, Turkey ought to be disqualified from the 2010 World Cup. What they did to the Swiss team was horrendous and absolutely uncalled for. They really should be banned from any competition against European or other teams until they can prove that they will play fairly and abide by the rules set internationally by all countries. This type of barbarous and savage behavior in professional sport must come to an end. -- Joe Kupris

It should be the policy of FIFA to disqualify any team whose fans or staff attack another team. Argentina should have had its 1978 title stripped -- and we wouldn't have this problem today. Turkey should be disqualified from the next major FIFA tournament, probably the European Cup. It is such a terrible disgrace to Turkish culture to treat guests so harshly. The game occurred in the context of a struggle in Turkey between anti-EU ultra-nationalists and the rest of the country. Plus the recent votes in France and the Netherlands, as well as comments from Germany's foreign ministers have added fuel to the nationalist's fire. But the national team trainers should know better and should behave like real Turks and professional sportsmen, not right-wing thugs. All of my Turkish friends are disgusted and embarrassed by this and by government failure to keep their guests safe. -- n oordijk

We all witnessed FIFA-backed violence by the Swiss team in Switzerland. FIFA didn't see that because they didn't want to. As part of the Christian club, European countries take every opportunity to discriminate against Muslims and Muslim countries. Make no mistake about it, each effect has a counter effect in the universe. So don't expect Turk's to sit down and watch and do not response to any of those provocations. -- wuffee_cem

I think the Turks should be punished by FIFA. -- lupecitadilsky

I happen to be a Turk. I am neither proud, nor ashamed of it. But when I read a news article like "Opinion: The Real Soccer Scandal in Istanbul," I feel really heart broken. After a series of two games between Switzerland and Turkey, there have been some regrettable events. Players kicked each other, some players consumed ugly words against the technical squad. The next day, when I browse the Internet, I can only see a few news agencies who are fair enough to blame it on both sides. The rest, unfortunately, is holding only the Turkish side responsible. I will not criticize you. I will just hold a mirror to your face. That mirror is the article mentioned above. Read it with objectivity. You will see your face, as it is, with no make-ups. -- Gokha n Caliska n

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