Who is Behind the Madrid Attacks? Readers Respond | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 12.03.2004
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Social Media

Who is Behind the Madrid Attacks? Readers Respond

DW-WORLD readers respond to the bombings in Madrid and weigh in on who stood behind the attacks.


At last count 199 died in the attacks and more than 1,000 people were injured.

First, I send my deepest sympathy to the people of Spain. This is just awful. I do believe the Al Qaeda is involved from the information I have heard to date. I also believe we all, regardless of country, have to work together. I don't see why the ETA would target a train or so many innocent people, so for this reason I think the al Qaeda is involved. I also believe that the Arabic newspaper and/or their staff may be links to al Qaeda. We all have to work fast, work smart and stay resolved to eliminate terrorism. -- Cindy Kvederis

I believe that anything is likely. Yes, it is likely that it was this Al Qaeda affiliated group. However, it is just as likely that they are taking credit for an act that could have been caused by the ETA. Remember that these groups yearn to strike terror for their cause in any way they can. If they can take advantage of this situation and claim responsiblity for an act that has caused fear and death, even if they themselves were not involved in the act, they win. They strike doubt in our minds of our safety and there will be that thought at the back of our mind that fears going about normal life. This group wins because they are associated with that fear. -- Mary, USA

It could be Al Qaeda, but ETA has tried to do this many times, not only last week with 600 kg (1,300 lbs of dynamite), but Dec. 24, 2003 at the same station, two years ago in the same station with 1,400 kg, two years ago against Madrid tallest building, Torre Picaso, using around the same amount of explosives, and many other examples.
This time they managed to do it. If it was Al Qaeda then we can say that Al Qaeda did what ETA tried to do four times. They are the same: Terrorists. -- Miguel Bertodano

In light of the recent cowardly act against innocent human beings....terrorists and thier families and supporters need to be dealt with in the speediest and harshest manner possible. -- Bill Terry, Canada

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