Who finances DW? | Questions and answers about DW as a media company | DW | 26.02.2019
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Who finances DW?

DW is financed via funding from the state – i.e. from tax revenue. This is in contrast to the domestic public channels, which are funded via broadcasting fees.

DW is the only remaining broadcaster under federal law since the reform of the public broadcasting system, which took place in the wake of German Reunification. Unlike the ARD broadcasters, DeutschlandRadio and ZDF, it doesn’t receive funding via broadcasting fees but is instead funded by tax revenues. The budget is managed by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media. In addition, DW can only offer limited advertising time.
The annual budget for 2018 was roughly €326 million. DW makes its plans and projects available to the public in an annually updated multi-year plan. 

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