Which documents do I need for the online application? | FAQ | DW | 28.10.2021

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Which documents do I need for the online application?

Before you start with your online application, please make sure that you have all necessary documents available:


  • cover letter ( max. 700 words, font: Arial, font size: 10, spacing: 1,5, date and signature)
  • updated CV (please provide two CVs: one using Europass and one in a format of your choice. Please include your signature and the date as well.)
  • university diploma or training certificate
  • samples of your work (max. 3) - you can provide work samples of your choice in any format you like (video, audio, text, social media posts). Pay attention that the work samples should be in one of the DW program languages. You can provide your work samples in three different languages (if you want), as long as they are DW program languages. A certified translation of the work samples is not necessary.

If available:

  • language proficiency certificate according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • internship certificate
  • employment references
  • for non-EU nationals: copy of your passport including your residence permit
  • letter of recommendation (including a letterhead, stamp of the organization, signature and date)


Please consider that you should provide the documents either in English or German. If they are in any other language please translate them into one of the above languages (certified translation only).

Never send us your original documents, except for when we specifically ask you to do that.


Ramon Garcia-Ziemsen DW Akademie

Ramón García-Ziemsen

Head of Journalistic Training

T: +49.228.429-2242
E: volontariat@dw.com