What’s the most popular dish or snack in your country? | Lifestyle | DW | 09.10.2020
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What’s the most popular dish or snack in your country?

In Gemany, currywurst is considered a national dish and it’s the country’s most popular street food. We want to know what dish or snack is popular in your country.

Most people associate curry with Asian cuisine – except, perhaps, Germans. In Germany, possibly the most popular snack or quick meal is currywurst, which is grilled and sliced pork sausage covered in a ketchup and curry power sauce. It’s estimated that 800 million servings of currywurst are gobbled up in Germany every year. Invented in 1949, snack bars have been serving up their own special versions ever since.

We’re curious to know if there is specialty that everybody loves where you live. It can be a traditional national dish, or just a simple snack or fast food like currywurst. It just has to be really popular.
Write and tell us about it! We look forward to hearing from you!

As a thank you, the lucky winner of our drawing will receive an iPad.

Closing date for entries is 6 November 2020, 12 noon UTC. All decisions are final. Good luck!

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