What you should know about Donald Trump′s presidency so far | News | DW | 01.02.2017
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What you should know about Donald Trump's presidency so far

With a host of executive orders, Donald Trump has created more headlines in his first week than most presidents in their first 100 days. Stay informed here with the best content all in one place.


The executive order temporarily suspending refugee arrivals and barring entry to the US from seven nations had immediate consequences. The travel ban caused travel disruption. 
Read: Passengers stopped from boarding planes

The drastic, yet expected, turnaround on refugee policy is on safe legal ground. However, it raises serious concerns about security policy. 

Read: Trump's change of course in refugee policy: legal but radical

A group of lawyers has filed a federal lawsuit against President Donald Trump for allowing his businesses to accept payments from foreign governments. They argue this effectively violates the US constitution.
Read: Ethics lawyers file lawsuit against Trump alleging constitutional violation

Europe and Trump

The proposed wall along the US-Mexico border reawakened painful memories in the German capital. The mayor of Berlin riffed on a famous plea by former US President Ronald Reagan.
Read: Berlin mayor Michael Müller tells Donald Trump: 'Don't build this wall!'

Trump supporters in Europe kept a fairly low profile in the run-up to the elections. Now, US conservatives are starting to come out of the shadows.
Read: Meet Trump's top campaigner in Brussels, no longer alone

‘Buy American, hire American' resounded out of Trump's inaugural speech. The German Economy Minister feels Europe can and should step in and fill the gaps left by Donald Trump's trade policies. 
Read: Can Europe exploit Trump's protectionism?

As Germany comes to terms with the Trump presidency, Norbert Röttgen, senior CDU MP and chair of the foreign affairs committee in the Bundestag, told DW that ‘Trump means what he says'. Watch the full interview below.

Watch video 26:00

Conflict Zone - Guest: Norbert Röttgen, CDU

Foreign Policy

British Prime Minister Theresa May was the first foreign leader to meet President Donald Trump. Though largely symbolic, European leaders needed to pay heed to the meeting.
Read: More than making the special relationship great again

Donald Trump's planned phone call with Vladimir Putin fueled speculation in Washington that he was mulling lifting US sanctions on Russia. With that off the table for now, observers wondered what the goal of the call is.
Read: Trump's phone call with Putin has Russia watchers scratch their heads

After the Putin call, German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke to Trump on the phone. They discussed conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine, relations with Russia and the importance of NATO.
Read: Merkel and Trump discuss NATO


The day after his inauguration, people around the world took to the streets. The Women's March on Washington and its hundreds of sister events drew millions of participants across the globe.
Read: Millions march against Trump

Protests and legal challenges to US President Donald Trump's executive order restricting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries have spread. Canada is to offer temporary residency to those stranded by the ban.
Read: US protests grow over Trump 'extreme vetting' travel ban

Watch video 01:33

Protests continue over Trump's travel ban


The travel ban on citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries damages US security interests and further divides the country. DW's Michael Knigge writes that President Trump is playing a dangerous game.
Read: Trump's entry ban is dangerous and counterproductive

The European Union is mesmerized by the events unfolding in Washington and is anxiously watching every step Donald Trump takes, writes DW's Max Hofmann.
Read: Europe needs to worry less about Trump

In his first week in office, US President Donald Trump has made headlines every single day. Concern about the direction the United States is taking has not diminished, writes DW's Miodrag Soric.
Read: One week of Trump - alternative facts and fairytales


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