What do you like about autumn? | Lifestyle | DW | 20.11.2020
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What do you like about autumn?

The leaves take on bright colours, the sun is low, and the days get shorter – When fall season is here, it creates an atmosphere that brings together magnificent splendour and melancholy. What do you like about autumn?

In most European countries, autumn is closely connected to colourful leaves, windy weather bringing the season’s first storms, and above all, shorter and colder days. At this time, you can go for long walks outdoors, foray for mushrooms, collect acorns and chestnuts, and enjoy the bright colours of the leaves. Many people enjoy spending this darker season at home, lighting candles, and curling up on the comfy couch with a cup of tea, and a good book or TV series. Is it the same for you, or do you spend autumn differently? What do you like doing in the fall season? Let us know, we’re excited to hear from you! With some luck, you might win a DW backpack, with content in exclusive DW design.

What do you like about autumn?

The deadline for submissions is November 27, 2020, 12:00 UTC. All decisions are final and legally binding. Good luck! 


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