What are the prerequisites for DW′s traineeship? | FAQ | DW | 06.08.2019

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What are the prerequisites for DW's traineeship?

DW Akademie is looking for native English speakers with very good working German skills and native German speakers with very good working English skills. Our trainees work in both languages – at seminars and the editorial desks.

If you are the native speaker of another DW program language and also have a very good working knowledge of English and German, you are welcome to apply.

Applicants must hold a university degree. Previous journalistic experience is an asset. We are also looking for applicants from other fields who are interested in journalistic work. Here are more details on how to apply.

DW recommends

Students of the Master's Program International Media Studies at DW Akademie in Bonn (photo: DW Akademie).

Registrar's office

Mon - Fri | 9 am - 4 pm (UTC+1)

E: ims@dw.com

T:+ 49.228.429-2892

Home Office

Please contact us via email.

01.2012 DW Akademie Volontariat Bewerbung

Application Process

Applications for the next intake starting in September 2022 are now open until 31st March 2022. Only applications received via the online application portal will be accepted.