Welcome to the latest edition of Eco Africa | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 05.06.2020

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Welcome to the latest edition of Eco Africa

This week on Eco Africa we visit a mayor in Mali preparing his town for the impacts of climate change, see how a distillery in Rwanda started to make hand sanitizer and learn how an Alpine village switched to renewables.

On this week's new edition of Eco Africa, we once again bring you a host of interesting innovations for a greener planet!

First, we head to Rwanda where a distillery is now making hand sanitizer. Because hand washing requirements have increased the demand for water and hand sanitizers, an entrepreneur who operates a distillery decided to instead produce affordable hand cleaner for her community. 

Then we visit a solar-powered school in Nigeria that was fed up with frequent power cuts. After that we go to Germany's Allgäu region where the people in Wildpoldsried have installed solar panels on their homes, built a thermal power plant and even set up an onshore wind farm. They produce more energy than they need and prove that change is possible.

Back in Africa, we head over to Sierra Leone's Turtle Islands. These unique islands are under threat from coastal erosion and fishing communities are starting to feel the impact of extreme weather conditions. Now the residents are fighting back in an effort to save their fishing habitats.

Finally, we meet a mayor fighting climate change in Mali. Abdoulaye Coulibaly is the mayor of Fana, and a climate change expert. He hopes to prepare his community for global warming. It's also a question of war and peace in his crisis-plagued country.

Check out the show and let us know what you think at ecoafrica@dw.com.