Welcome to the latest edition of Eco Africa | Eco Africa | DW | 20.09.2019
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Eco Africa

Welcome to the latest edition of Eco Africa

On this week's Eco Africa, we see how to make concrete from cassava peels in Nigeria and learn about the Namibian government's integrated management approach for conservation, poverty reduction and job creation.

On this week's edition of Eco Africa, we once again bring you environmentally friendly ideas for a greener planet!

First, we go to Uganda which has lost two thirds of its forest cover since the late 1990s. Most has been cleared to make charcoal. But now a unique idea to use volcanic rocks for cleaner cooking provides a greener alternative.

Then we fly over to southern Russia where pollution and the drying out of a saltwater lake are thought to be affecting the migration routes of hundreds of thousands of birds, especially two species of pelican.

Back in Africa we learn how researchers are working to make a type of concrete out of cassava peels. It's cheap, strong and eco-friendly. After that we visit Abiola Ogunrinde who produces soap from natural local products such as shea butter and aloe vera. The soap is not just popular in Nigeria, but internationally, and has given work to over 300 people.

Then we head to South Africa where the San Cultural Centre is working to conserve the history and knowledge of the indigenous San people for future generations.

Finally, we see how Namibia's Bwabata National Park is introducing "integrated park management" for environmental protection, poverty reduction and job creation.

Check out the show and let us know what you think at ecoafrica@dw.com

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