Welcome to the latest edition of Eco Africa | Eco Africa | DW | 29.03.2019
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Eco Africa

Welcome to the latest edition of Eco Africa

On this week's Eco Africa, we check out how to save Niger's endangered giraffes, an app to check for plastics in products, and the schools teaching kids how to farm in Uganda's capital Kampala.

This week's Eco Africashow is bursting with brilliant green ideas and projects from across Africa and Europe. 

First up we head to Uganda to check out one school's pioneering urban farming project. Families living in Uganda's capital Kampala often lack the land to grow crops. That's why encouraging pupils to use their green space for farming could have such a positive impact. 

Staying in the classroom but heading over to Germany, we discover how Berlin schools in the city's Pankow district is teaching kids how to manage and redesign the energy use of their buildings. 

Next we meet Doyinsola Ogunye who left her career as a lawyer to create an NGO which motivates children to learn about marine life and keeping Nigeria's beaches clean. 

Do you ever wish you knew more about the environmental impact of the products you buy? CodeCheck is a new app that helps shoppers make better choices when buying food or cosmetics. By scanning barcodes it can alert buyers about possible allergies or even if the product contains microplactics.

After that we visit Kenya where global warming has made the environment unreliable for herdsmen and their animals. An new app is hoping to help direct them towards safer areas.

And finally, we discover how giraffes are being protected from extinction in Niger. At the Koure Reserve the endangered animals can live in a protected zone away from the threats of poachers. Today, almost 600 giraffes can be found in the area.

And lastly, we have a new presenter joining the show. Welcome, Nihlo Ndlovu! 

Check out the show and let us know what you think at ecoafrica@dw.com