Welcome to Refugeestan | Highlights | DW | 03.01.2017
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Welcome to Refugeestan

Around 17 million people worldwide are "undesirables:" displaced persons, refugees and migrants living on the margins of nation states.

The people who nobody wants are living in "Refugistan", under the supervision of the UN refugee agency UNHCR. The film provides a harrowing insight into the lives of the occupants of refugee camps from Tanzania to Kenya and Jordan.

"Refugistan" comes 60th in the ranking of the most populous countries in the world. This is where the people nobody wants live, under the supervision of the UNHCR and with the support of large NGOs. Together they ensure reasonable living conditions in the camps: in Tanzania, for example, where tens of thousands of Burundians are stranded. Or at Dadaab in Kenya, where the world's largest store has been located in the desert for the last 25 years, christened by humanitarian workers "the monster." Or in Jordan, where the UNHCR is trying out a new infrastructure for Syrian civil war refugees in the  camp at Asrak. In theory, the camps are a temporary fallback solution but in practice a refugee spends on average 17 years of his life there. We take a journey into an ambiguous world; neither city nor prison, not closed off but not open either.

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