Welcome to eco@africa | Eco Africa | DW | 02.02.2017
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Eco Africa

Welcome to eco@africa

Pedaling for the planet, green housing in Nigeria and sweet, green fuel from sugar cane. All this and much more on this week's eco@africa.

Join us this week on eco@africa for a host of exciting environmental stories from Africa and Europe. First we take a trip to Senegal, where we find out how the destruction of mangroves has accelerated coastal erosion and the Atlantic Ocean is swallowing up villages. And what is being done about it.

Then we move to Germany where a solar cell innovation could help reduce environmental destruction. Organic solar cells are greener than conventional ones in that they don't use rare earth minerals. But they have some drawbacks too. 

Staying in Germany, we take a look at an app that encourages people to do their bit for the environment by cycling. For every kilometer cycled, app users earn points that they can then use for discounts in clothing stores. 

We turn our gaze to Africa again, where in Kenya this week's eco hero has developed a way to turn sugar cane remnants into briquettes. Then we take a look at an eco village that has sprung up in a city famed for its oil industry in Nigeria. 

Finally, we go to Ukraine, where a German agronomist is helping to save a unique livestock breed: the Carpathian buffalo. 

You won't want to miss any of it! 

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