Welcome to eco@Africa | Eco Africa | DW | 05.01.2017
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Eco Africa

Welcome to eco@Africa

This week, we check out the green rooftops of Johannesburg, learn about Principé's plans to be plastic-free, explore the properties of mud and look at the link between climate change and health.

Join our hosts Nneota Egbe and Edith Kimani on this week's show for more brilliant environmental issues and smart green ideas.

We go to South Africa where local communities are working towards ensuring food security by becoming involved in rooftop gardening, and we travel to the beautiful island of Prinipé, where a campaign is underway to swap plastic bottles for long-lasting aluminium ones, and to banish plastic altogether by 2020.

In Ethiopia, we meet a man who is using the dregs of the coffee production industry to slow deforestation, while in Romania, we meet another, who is doing everything he can to slow illegal logging in the Carpathain Mountains. 

Staying in Europe, we explore the properties of mud and ask whether it could be the construction material the continent has been waiting for, and we also take a look at the relationship between climate change and human health. 

Join us for all these stories on the latest edition of eco@africa.