We asked for your 2018 New Year′s greetings! | Euromaxx | DW | 02.01.2018
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We asked for your 2018 New Year's greetings!

We asked you to send us your video greetings for the new year. The prize is the cookbook "50 Kitchens, One City". Here, you'll find out who won the drawing.

What will the year 2018 bring? Euromaxx asked you to record and send us your New Year's greetings.  

Lots of viewers took part and sent us their videos. A great big thank you to one and all! From all the entries, we drew one to receive the cookbook to the culinary series "50 Kitchens, One City"! The winner is Tabrej Qureshi from Chhindwara in India. Congratulations! And we wish all our viewers a magnificent and peaceful 2018.